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Clarke Customer Care offers an unparalleled level of service that is now available for those customers who own Sub-Zero, Wolf and Asko appliances.

  • Premium service — Equipped with booties and soft tool bags to protect your fine floors, service personnel arrive at your home on time, in spotless trucks and clean uniforms. The only sign we’ve been in your home is a kitchen full of working appliances.
  • We get it right on the first visit — Our highly skilled technicians are extensively trained to work on Sub-Zero, Wolf, and ASKO brands, and only these three brands. As a result, over 90% of the time, our first visit to your home is the only visit.
  • High customer satisfaction — Since we first developed Clarke Customer Care, we’ve been monitoring our clients’ satisfaction with our service. Frankly, even we’re surprised at the results. Nearly everyone we survey notes complete and total satisfaction.
  • Easy To Reach — Clarke Customer Care is available via a toll free number at 1-877-9CLARKE. Or you can email us at Dispatchers@clarkecustomercare.com.